I have been involved with horses since I was very young and have been riding, driving and schooling horses for over 40 years. I have competed and participated in show-jumping, hunting, hacking, one day eventing, carriage driving, camp-drafting and trail riding, and always just enjoyed being with horses. I first started giving lessons in horsemanship when I was about 16 years old. Horses are in my blood and bring me sheer pleasure and joy.

I have also worked as a veterinary nurse, first aid instructor, masseuse, spiritual healer and energy worker, counsellor and psychotherapist. I am currently undertaking shamanic training, which is very challenging on numerous levels. I love to learn and am always seeking new knowledge, whether from formal learning at university or similar, personal research on particular topics, mentors and educators, or simply the informal daily learning from everyone I meet. Most especially I am always learning from horses, who are quite simply my greatest teachers.

I have a bay 7 year old mare, Spirit, who is very opinionated and very expressive. She is an awesome communicator! Her understanding is that I am her human, not that she is my horse.

She was started as a six year old, had a few rides and then sustained some injuries from being kicked. I ride her in a bitless bridle or a hackamore, and a DP Saddlery Buckeburger.

The pic is of our first ride together after almost a year off from those kick injuries; she is a very very green seven year old mare. You can see I was so very pleased!