Since she was a young child, Janine has had an affinity with animals. She was always attracted to nature and felt a part of both the natural and the unseen worlds.

Her experiences throughout her lifetime and her love of learning have led her to steadily gain in knowledge, wisdom and skills that she now uses on a daily basis. Janine uses a variety of healing approaches in her work, a number of which she appears to have been ‘gifted’ with.

She is a quiet achiever who is incredibly empathic. During her lifetime Janine, like many ‘wounded healers’, has endured some significant injuries and illnesses which have given her a deep appreciation for the impacts which physical and emotional pain have on all beings.

Janine has been involved with horses since she was very young and has been riding, driving and schooling horses for over 40 years. She describes horses as ‘in my blood, they bring me incredible joy’. Janine has the pleasure of currently being a partner with a bay Paint x TB mare.  She also has two beautiful whippets.

Janine has lived in country South Australia for most of her life, growing up in the Riverland. She feels at home amongst the mallee, bluebush and the beautiful Murray River. She is dedicated to helping horses, other animals, people and the natural world to feel healthy and happy.