Using a range of healing & communication techniques to locate & ease physical & emotional discomfort, tension & pain in horses, people & animals.


When tension, discomfort and pain is eased or relieved, improvement is immediately seen in improved relaxation and movement, concentration and happiness. 


We can all (including our horses and animals) continue to function and perform with discomfort or pain, but the toll it takes on our wellbeing can be high. Reduced wellbeing leads to a higher likelihood of injury, illness and general feelings of unhappiness which can take considerable time, effort and expense to relieve. 




Once a horse is obviously lame, there have usually been changes in joints, some of which may it may not be possible to fully resolve. 



I use a variety of techniques  including shamanic healing, energy balancing (similar to Reiki), acupressure, Tellington T-touch, massage, fascial work, Sure-foot pads, stretches, communication techniques,  and more.