Manolo Mendez Dressage:  Training for Wellness

          Watching Manolo at work with a horse is an amazing experience. He values the horse for itself rather than only for what it will do, and his respect and care shine through. Manolo’s in-hand work looks deceptively simple but has profound effects upon horses. Manolo is dedicated to the wellness of horses, of which the development of correct posture is foundational. Manolo conducts clinics in South Australia each year. I highly recommend Manolo’s DVD “In-hand lessons with Manolo Mendez: an Introduction to Working In-Hand”.

Chantelle Matthews Dressage

          Chantelle worked with Manolo for over twelve years and is his only Training for Wellness approved trainer. Chantelle’s youth and exuberance mean she can be a good choice for training assistance. Chantelle conducts several clinics in South Australia each year.

Elementals Equine Therapies

         Rebecca Booth, owner and director of Elementals Equine Therapies, provides a range of therapies to keep horses in optimum health. The business is operated from Appin, NSW. If you know of anyone in that general area (Rebecca’s team travel extensively) who requires help with their horses’ health, Rebecca and her team will provide professional expertise. 

Riverland Equestrian Centre

          Vicki Oliver is the owner of Riverland Equestrian Centre in Loxton, SA. Vicki provides an excellent agistment service, hosts visiting clinicians and provides lessons and tuition. I highly recommend Vicki as offering a passionate and knowledgeable service to the Riverland community.