Sue’s daughter Zoe on Foxy.

Sue John, Renmark SA. 

          After meeting Janine by chance I had her check out our pony after purchasing her, and again after a reaction to tetanus combined with a little paddock mishap which left her very sore and sorry, so much so she had struggled to lower her head to graze.
          Janine did the first treatment and afterwards gave us some advice about how to work her after treatment and some stretches to do to her ourselves, which we did. After another treatment with Janine and the pony’s swelling had disappeared in pretty much 2 days and as an added bonus, her stiffness in the canter and reluctance to canter on lunge also disappeared.
          I cannot recommend Janine enough, she is considerate, passionate, and reliable and even though our pony can be a little sensitive, Janine didn’t rush her or push her too hard, and I think in the end the horse realised Janine was helping and quite enjoyed her treatment. I would have her come every week if it was possible!
Mandy with JJ, her big grey.
Mandy Fowler, Loxton SA.
After several attempts and years trying to find a person to help with my big grey horse who has a variety of physical complaints and pain, Janine was able to finally provide some much needed relief and support. Janine shows compassion and develops a relationship with the horse. I found this a breath of fresh air compared to other people who would often become frustrated with my horse which in turn would cause the big grey to become untrusting of others. I feel Janine provides a holistic approach and looks at the big picture in an attempt to not only relieve pain and discomfort but how to prevent issues as well. 
         Janine was able to increase my knowledge of the horse’s body, their physical needs and how to prevent injuries and soreness. My big grey responded well to Janine’s treatment and I observed a significant positive change in his mood, willingness and physical abilities. Janine listened to my concerns and together with the big grey we were able to work through ongoing issues and finally enjoy riding again. I can highly recommend Janine’s service.   
Vicki with Euro
Vicki Oliver, Riverland Equestrian Centre, Loxton, SA

In a lifetime of horse interactions, it is delightful to stumble across the occasional diamond among the pebbles.

Janine Gow is one of those diamonds. 

In an industry known for ego and competitive drive the quiet achievers often go un-noticed as they calmly work their magic for the equines and humans that need them most.

Janine re-entered my life as a client of my agistment centre.  She and her horse became part of our day to day activities and her soft caring personality began it’s valuable work with my beautiful horses.

I am a breeder, coach, trainer, rider and competitor who likes to give every horse individual care and consideration.  I am no stranger to alternative healing methods and regularly use chiropractors, trigger point therapists, herbalists and nutritionists in conjunction with mainstream Veterinarians.

Janine has worked with my Medium Advanced Dressage Mare, my brood mares, my school horses, as well as casually working with the foals and yearlings who love her healing touch and calm energy.

The individual approach Janine uses along with her sensitivity to the horse’s particular needs allows her to help the horse on a level it needs most at that moment in time. Her calm manner soothes the patient under her hands and allows the horses energy to work with hers to encourage the horses body to respond as is needed.

The most remarkable of the treatments Janine has provided to my horses are not the ones that involve action or strength but ones that result in complete relaxation and relief of tension for horses plagued by pain or discomfort due to injury or muscle soreness. One such incident was a treatment given to a pony suffering from Wobbler Syndrome.  He was in great discomfort, had not rested well in weeks and was not laying down to sleep.  He yawned and stretched and promptly sat down… as if to say, thanks Lady, that feels great, I might just take a little break!!  Observing the relief he felt was very emotional for me. 

Janine has worked with several of my horses now, some more demonstrative in their pain and relief than others, but all grateful for her healing energy and deep knowledge of her chosen subject.

I have no hesitation in recommending Janine to any serious horseperson wanting a gentle approach to healing for their equine partner.