Helping people to know what their horses are saying and feeling.

Helping horses to feel good in life and about their person.

Teaching people and their horses excellent communication and mutual understanding, for improved relationships. Lessons are for both the person and the horse, together. Often small changes make a major difference. 

My focus is for having both horse and person feel ok inside.

It is important for horses to want to be with us, and to want to focus on us, not what is going on in the environment. If a horse would rather be with its paddock mates or at its feed bin than with its person, some relationship help is definitely called for.

As the horse lives in our human environment, he or she is reliant on us to help them feel ok inside and out. Their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and health is very dependent upon us.

When we learn ways to help the horse with feeling ok, they want to be with us more and more, and we have happier and safer horses and people and a much improved relationship.